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Utility Lockers

September 16th, 2009

Utility Lockers are based loosely around the single compartment locker but have modified to suit more exact requirements. The range of utility lockers generally includes Clean and Dirty lockers, Two Person lockers, Twin Lockers and Uniforms Lockers (also known as Nurses Lockers). These four lockers can provide additional storage requirements than standard compartment lockers.

For example, the Clean and Dirty locker has a standard width of 450mm and has a single door for access. Behind the door, a full width top compartment is useful for the storage of personal items, whilst the remainder of the locker is split into two providing ample space for both clean (non workwear) and dirty (workwear) clothing with the full height divider providing separation to each set of clothes. Generally, each clothing compartment would have at least one coat hook.

The Twin locker takes the layout of a standard single compartment locker except the twin locker is a combination of two 225mm wide single compartment lockers joined together. Each compartment has its own lockable door and behind the door, there is a tp compartment for the storage of personal items and a full length hanging compartment which is generally fitted with a coat hook or two.

The Two Person is a further variant on the twin locker with the locker front frame having four doors. Two doors are small in height but offering full width storage for personal items and two doors offer three quarter length hanging storage. The Two Person locker offers storage for two persons with each person  having two doors each accessed by one key.

The Uniforms / Nurses locker is a variant of the clean and dirty locker. Each locker has a full width personal items compartment at the top of the locker with the remainder of the locker being split vertically to provide a full length hanging compartment to the left of the full height divider. To the right of the divider, three equally spaced shelves provide four compartments for the storage of associated equipment and other items.

Clean and Dirty lockers are useful for factories, warehouses and other industrial environments where the need to keep two sets of clothes separate from each other. Twin and Two Person lockers are particularly useful when users require full length hanging but the space available will not allow standard single compartment lockers to be utilised fully. Uniforms lockers are particularly useful for hospitals for nurses and doctors, for janitors and cleaners.

In Brief:

Twin / Two Person – Two Users – One Locker – Less space needed

Clean & Dirty – Clean & Dirty Clothes – Factories

Uniforms – Hospitals / Cleaners – More storage capacity

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Utility Lockers

Utility Lockers