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Laminate Lockers

October 12th, 2009

Laminate lockers are available as steel lockers with laminate doors or can be supplied completely manufactured from laminate panels. The use of laminate panels to manufacture lockers with allows the lockers to be used in constant wet environments. Where standard mild steel lockers, and even zinc plated or galvanised lockers will over time normally degrade and rust, the laminate locker will withstand the wet conditions with ease. Laminate, or solid grade laminate as it is also known is impervious to water. In wet changing room environments such as leisure centres, swimming pools or changing facilities located adjacent to shower rooms, the laminate locker ranges available can be easily complimented with matching toilet and shower cubicles in addition to bench seating and changing cubicles.

Laminate Lockers and Laminate Door only Lockers are available in a range of standard sizes and are available with compartment quantities covering the range of compartment lockers. Solid Grade Laminate Lockers are available in a massive range of finishes which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Locking mechanisms include all the standards for dry changing rooms, but also include stainless steel locking mechanisms for wet area changing facilities. For further information, see the Wet Leisure Locker Installations guide later in this blog.

In Brief: Laminate Lockers – Wet Area Changing – Leisure Centre, Swimming Pools

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Laminate Door Lockers

Laminate Door Lockers