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Locker lock types

November 12th, 2012

On Storage Lockers and Probe Compartment lockers are fitted with either of two types of lock as standard. Key operated cam locks are the most standard and most popular type of lock. We can supply a master key so that a super user can gain access to the lockers when required. Each locker locking mechanism is supplied with two keys so that in the event of one key being lost or misplaced, a spare can be used without the need to purchase new keys. We can also supply new keys where required. It is most common when purchasing storage lockers or probe compartment lockers to specify the type of lock when ordering your lockers. The second most common type of lock to be supplied with our storage lockers is a hasp and staple lock. These locks are also known as butterfly locks or pistol grip locks. Each manufacturer of lock has their own terminology relating to their style of hasp and staple lock. This lock is used for the fitting of a padlock (not supplied).

In Brief: Key Locks or Hasp and Staple locks as standard are fitted to Storage Lockers and Probe Compartment Lockers

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