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Golf Lockers

September 18th, 2009

Golf lockers in the main are designed as individual lockers each approximately 1300mm high. Golf lockers are available as a top locker or a bottom locker. The top locker has a shelf near the bottom of the locker into which personal items of golf shoes can be placed. The main compartment is for the storage of a regular sized golf bag with clubs stored inside. The bottom golf locker has a shelf at the top of the locker which allows for the storage of personal items and / or golf shoes. The remainder of the locker is as per the top locker. The top golf locker has a full length lockable door which can be fitted with any of the standard locking mechanisms. The bottom golf locker has a shortened door to allow for the addition of bench seating in front of the lockers to provide useful seating. Golf Lockers are available with a steel frame and steel doors; with a steel frame and wooden or laminate doors; or as a full wooden locker. Golf Lockers are a derivative of the compartment lockers but have been modified to be useful for golf locker rooms. Also available is a locker which allows for the storage of asset of clubs in a regualar size golf bag mounted on a trolley. Also featured is a recharging option for the trolley after a round. For further information, see our future blog post about planning a golfclub locker room.

In Brief: Golf Lockers – Golf Clubs – Clubs, Bag and Trolley in One Locker

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