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Bench Seating

October 13th, 2009

Bench Seating can be used to compliment a locker room or can be used on its own to provide effective changing room layouts where lockers are not required. For example, a gym locker room generally would require compartment lockers with bench seating included in the layout. A school changing room however would generally require the bench seating only as the changing room would normally be locked by a teacher after and before use.

Bench seating generally has two forms; wall bench seating and island bench seating. As the names suggest, wall bench seating is for use against a wall or perimeter, and island bench seating is for use in the middle of a room. Wall bench seating may be supplied as a bench alone or with a coat rail. The coat rail may be supplied separately and can be mounted at any level suitable for the age group being catered for. Where a suitable wall is not available for fixing to, the coat rail can be supplied adjoined to the frame of the bench seating. There are many variations for wall bench seating and include wall-to-floor, floor fixed and cantilever. These three styles form the basis for most bench seating applications and cater for the majority of all installations. Island bench seat is in contrast less complicated. Island Bench Seating can be supplied as single sided or double sided and can be supplied with overhead coathooks, hanging rails and storage shelves. Both wall bench seating and island bench seating can be supplied additional baskets or shelves which are located beneath the bench seat for the storage of shoes.

Bench Seating can be supplied from a wide range of materials, but in the main the frames are generally steel and the seats are slatted from hardwood, softwood, plastic or metal. Bench Seating frames and coathooks can be supplied colour coded to suit the environment application. We will discuss the task of specifying and planning a bench seating installation in future blog posts.

In Brief: Bench Seating – Island or Wall Bench Seating – Locker rooms

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Bench Seating

Bench Seating