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Industrial Locker room for your staff

May 6th, 2014

At the heart of most industrial and manufacturing operations are the workforce required to complete the many labour intensive tasks. One of the facilities required to accommodate staff and included in the welfare and restroom facilities are the staff lockers used for storage of personal items for security purposes. MOst Locker rooms are equipped with the latest storage lockers to accommodate the individual requirements of the workforce that will use them. Locker Selector, based in the UK, provides employers with the storage lockers and changing room equipment normally found in such environments.

Industrial locker rooms are usually laid out to make the best out of the given space available, but do not always have enough space. At Locker Selector, we are faced with this situation 99 times out of 100. Space is always a factor, we have a wide range of options for just those purposes, Storage Lockers which been developed and redeveloped over the past 25 years to produce a storage based product which meets the needs of the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

The Options:

The standard requirement is for a locker user to have space to hang their clothes and store personal items and footwear. For most cases, a single door locker is required, which has storage space at the top of the locker and a long storage space for hanging garments and a space which will also allow for the users own footwear to be stored in the base of the locker. A single compartment locker!

A second requirement would be that the user is required to store their industrial workwear in the same locker as their own clothes. So, in simple terms, they need to store their clean clothes and their dirty clothes. They will also be required to store clean and dirty footwear and certainly some personal items, such as a bunch of keys, a wallet, a phone etc as well. The Clean & Dirty Locker.

An optional requirement to the standard would be a space related issue, whereby the locker areas are not large enough. The lockers would need to be smaller to accommodate the number of workers. For a situation where full length hanging is required and a single compartment locker is not feasible, we have two options. Two slimline single compartment lockers are provided as a single unit: The Twin Locker! As an extension to this, we have developed a locker which allows for a three quarter length hanging compartment as well as a full width personal effects compartment. The 2-Person Locker!

Sometimes, it is just as effective to increase the number of compartments in the height and for sure, provides for a more cost effective option, but there is a compromise.The Two Compartment Locker!

Lockers with more compartments in the height have less space per compartment and have less features. For example, the ability to hang items such as jackets or other garments within a locker is restricted to single and two compartment lockers. With three or more compartments in the height, the amount of space is restricted further. Hanging rails can only be fitted to single and two compartment lockers.

Keeping the locking system as simple as possible is usually (or can be) the most critical part of an industrial locker room installation. Key locks or Hasp and Staple locks for padlocks are the better ways to keep things simple. Combination locks are available and a certain situations can work. Unfortunately, there is only really one combination lock which works best for situations where agency staff are used on a frequent shift by shift basis, with lockers being emptied at the end of each shift.

Additional items such as locker room bench seating can also be supplied, depending on space, with the range of product options available to view here.


Utility Lockers

September 16th, 2009

Utility Lockers are based loosely around the single compartment locker but have modified to suit more exact requirements. The range of utility lockers generally includes Clean and Dirty lockers, Two Person lockers, Twin Lockers and Uniforms Lockers (also known as Nurses Lockers). These four lockers can provide additional storage requirements than standard compartment lockers.

For example, the Clean and Dirty locker has a standard width of 450mm and has a single door for access. Behind the door, a full width top compartment is useful for the storage of personal items, whilst the remainder of the locker is split into two providing ample space for both clean (non workwear) and dirty (workwear) clothing with the full height divider providing separation to each set of clothes. Generally, each clothing compartment would have at least one coat hook.

The Twin locker takes the layout of a standard single compartment locker except the twin locker is a combination of two 225mm wide single compartment lockers joined together. Each compartment has its own lockable door and behind the door, there is a tp compartment for the storage of personal items and a full length hanging compartment which is generally fitted with a coat hook or two.

The Two Person is a further variant on the twin locker with the locker front frame having four doors. Two doors are small in height but offering full width storage for personal items and two doors offer three quarter length hanging storage. The Two Person locker offers storage for two persons with each person  having two doors each accessed by one key.

The Uniforms / Nurses locker is a variant of the clean and dirty locker. Each locker has a full width personal items compartment at the top of the locker with the remainder of the locker being split vertically to provide a full length hanging compartment to the left of the full height divider. To the right of the divider, three equally spaced shelves provide four compartments for the storage of associated equipment and other items.

Clean and Dirty lockers are useful for factories, warehouses and other industrial environments where the need to keep two sets of clothes separate from each other. Twin and Two Person lockers are particularly useful when users require full length hanging but the space available will not allow standard single compartment lockers to be utilised fully. Uniforms lockers are particularly useful for hospitals for nurses and doctors, for janitors and cleaners.

In Brief:

Twin / Two Person – Two Users – One Locker – Less space needed

Clean & Dirty – Clean & Dirty Clothes – Factories

Uniforms – Hospitals / Cleaners – More storage capacity

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Utility Lockers

Utility Lockers