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Garment Lockers

September 8th, 2009

Garment Lockers are available in two distinct types. Garment Dispenser lockers are designed for the storage of clean folded garments prior to use. Garment Collectors are designed for dirty or soiled garments to be stored ready for collection. The two lockers provide a valuable service where third party garment providers are used. The Garment Dispenser allows for the third party to have access to each garment dispenser by means of a master door which opens up every compartment in the locker at the same time. The third party then replenishes the garment dispenser with clean folded garments, shuts the door and then collects the dirty or soiled garments from the garment collector before leaving the premises. The following day or shift, the whole process repeats itself, and so on. The master door on the garment dispenser is normally a key lock, whilst the individual compartment doors can be fitted with either key locks or hasp and staple locks allowing for the use of a padlock. Garment Lockers are normally used alongside combinations of compartment lockers to achieve the best possible use of space within a locker room. Garment lockers tend to be utilised where the are large quantites of staff who require clean garments for each shift pattern.

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