Must Have Locker Essentials For Surviving High School

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Lockers are one thing that the majority of high school students have but almost always take for granted. It’s generally not until after your school days when you realise just how useful the locker that you used as a rubbish bin could have been. If you were unfortunate enough not to have the luxury – yes, it is a luxury – of a locker in high school will know the awful existence that you suffer without one; carrying all of your textbooks around for an entire year is a pain that you don’t want to endure so if you can get a locker, be sure to take one.

If a locker is something that you’re automatically given then don’t make the other mistakes that many high school kids often make – this mistake is possibly worse than not taking a locker at all – and that’s misusing the locker. Although it might not seem like much now, when you enter the world of college, university and work, where lockers are nowhere to be seen and you’re expected to carry five textbooks around every day, you’ll understand what a blessing your high school locker was. When you’re at high school it’s important to make the most of the resources you’re given and you’re locker will be one of the best, don’t treat it like the majority of teenagers though. Don’t misuse it by using it as a rubbish bin, somewhere to hang a poster of your teenage heart throb or somewhere to lock the poor kid that everyone bullies. You’re probably wondering why you shouldn’t hang pictures and posters and it’s purely because they take a lot of time to put up and they’re constantly falling down and therefore are likely to end up ripped so it’s seriously better to leave them at home.


Rather than mistreating your locker, make use of it – it’ll be the best thing you ever do – by using it to store extra supplies like pens, pencils and books.

To save you having to carry an entire day’s worth of textbooks around to every class with you sort them out in your locker and split them into morning and afternoon lessons. It’s a good idea to take all of your books for morning classes with you first thing because this will save you from fighting your way through the corridors in the short break between lessons to switch books as quite often you’ll end up in trouble for being late to your next lesson by doing this. If you take all of the books for morning classes with you then it’s easy to go back to your locker at lunch time and swap them for your afternoon books.

Keeping your locker clean is essential otherwise when you get to the end of the year you’ll be faced with an awful sight, and probably smell, that won’t be easy to forget. Rather than doing like most teenagers do and using your locker as a rubbish bin, don’t con yourself into thinking that you’ll move the empty crisp packet later – because you know you won’t. By keeping your locker clean you’ll have a lot less on your mind and you’ll also keep your books in great condition which means that you could use them again in the future, give them to younger siblings or even sell them on in order to make a bit of extra cash during the summer.

Don’t: Although it’s tempting, try to avoid hanging posters and pictures of your family and friends in your locker because they constantly fall out, end up getting ripped and ruined and it means you spending an entire lunchtime arranging your locker rather than having fun with your friends.You should also avoid bringing anything that you don’t need like a make-up bag, hair brush or a cute little teddy that will lie at the back of your locker and get forgotten about. Keep your locker as a space dedicated to school rather than a place to make your own. Your locker should not be treated like a room in halls at university, this is a place that you should make your own because you’ll be spending a lot of time there throughout your three or four years of study whereas a locker you might open for an average of twenty seconds twice a day so you really won’t take any notice of the things that are in there anyway.

As well as the dos and don’ts of lockers it’s handy to know the things that are likely to be essential for example:

  • If you have a full sized locker then a cheap metal rack or shelf will definitely come in handy for organising your books and folders otherwise you’ll be constantly rooting around in the pile of books that has accumulated at the bottom or your locker for the few that you want. Having a rack or shelf inserted will allow you to split up your books by day, class or even just morning and afternoon classes.
  • It’s always a good idea to have some extra non-perishable food stored in your locker just in case. There will be a day during your school career when you forget to pack a lunch and are too late too late to grab anything from the school canteen or you’ve had a hard day of sports and the salad that you’ve packed for your lunch just won’t see you through; on these occasions you’ll be eternally thankful for the cereal bar, chocolate bar or energy filled snack that lies at the back of your locker.
  • Organisation in your locker is essential otherwise a quick stop off at your locker will turn into a huge panic as you burrow through everything you have in there in order to find your copy of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ or whatever it is that you might be reading in English that week.
  • Finally, there will be the odd day where you have far too much to carry and on this occasion you’ll be glad of any alternative form of book transportation that you can find. Rather than trying to avoid hundreds of teenagers from knocking the huge pile of textbooks out of your hands through the corridors between lessons, keep a strong shopper, tote or canvas bag in your locker ready for these rare but desperate occasions.

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