Locker Terminology

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Locker – A locker is a unit containing a number of grouped or individual compartments used for the storage of personal and / or valuable items.

Nest – A nest of lockers is where singular lockers are joined together during manufacture to provide cost savings on the amount of raw materials used in the build process. Lockers may be supplied in nests of up to four single lockers. The terminology calls the units supplied as a ‘Nest of 2’ or ‘Nest of 3’ or ‘Nest of 4’. There are limitations on the quanitity of single lockers that can be nested. This is normally either size and weight.

Compartment – A compartment is normally referred to as the accessible space behind a single door. This space can have a multitude of different sized storage spaces. The total number of compartments may be quoted as a measure of the maximum number of people who can store the personal items in the area or room being quoted for.

Door – Each door on a single locker which provides storage for a single person.

Tier – A tier is generally referred to as a compartment or the number of individual compartments in a single locker. For example: A six tier locker is a single locker with six compartments.

NOTE: The terms door, compartment and tier are generally used to express the number of compartments in a single locker. The term nest is often confused with these three terms.

Carcass – The frame around the doors including the sides, back, top and base or each locker is referred to as the ‘Carcass’. This term is used when referring to colour choices.

Lock – A lock is used for the security of each locker compartment. Locks are available in a variety of options. See the Locking Mechanisms blog post for further information on locks, types and uses.

Key Fob – A small plastic disc used for the identification of an individual locker. Key Fobs are attached to an ‘O-ring’ which is attached to the relevant key. Key Fobs are used with Number Plates to identify keys to locker compartments.

Number Plate – A Number Plate is a square or rectangular plastic plates with an engraved number which is affixed to the card holder on each locker compartment to identify each individual locker compartment.

Card Holder – A card holder is the immediate area (generally moulded plastic) around the lock barrel.

In Brief: Know your locker terminology

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