POD Lockers

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What are POD Lockers? A POD locker is a circular set of smaller lockers designed to allow for more locker compartments where the available space is confined and cramped. Each POD locker unit is made up from 7 or 11 smaller individual lockers, each called a SEED. Each SEED locker is an individual locker specially designed in a wedge shape to be fitted together to create the POD. The SEED lockers are available with either a 305mm or 460mm front face. The 305mm wide SEED lockers create an 11 SEED POD and the 460mm wide SEED lockers create a 7 SEED POD. SEED lockers are available with one to six compartments. Each compartment is available fitted with standard locking mechanisms and available with the standard colour finishes.

POD lockers are available as a static unit or can be fitted onto a rotating base allowing for units to be placed in the corner of a room or in a small room. When fitted with a rotating base, a grab handle is supplied to fit to the side of the POD to allow ease of rotating the unit.

In Brief: POD Lockers – Rotating Bases – Confined Spaces / Small Rooms

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POD Lockers

POD Lockers


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