Disabled Lockers

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Disabled Lockers are a derivative of the low locker and the single compartment locker with the exception that they were specifically designed for wheelchair users. The Disabled lockers are generally 1300mm high and have a shelf fitted internally approximately 300mm from the base of each locker. This lower shelf provides a handy storage shelf which is within easy reach of a wheelchair user without straining. Each locker is fitted with a double coat hook generally at the top of the locker. Each disabled locker is available with a range of standard locking mechanisms and is also available finished in a range of colour options.

As an alternative to the bespoke disabled locker, consider using either quarto or cube lockers mounted on top of a work surface. This allows the wheelchair user to approach the locker from the front and the worktop allows the wheelchair to operate is clear space beneath the worktop. The user can then easily access the rear of each locker without straining or twisting.

In Brief: Disabled Lockers – Wheelchair Users – Quarto / Cube Lockers

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Disabled Lockers

Disabled Lockers


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