Perforated Door Lockers

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Perforated Door Lockers are derived from the compartment locker range. The compartment locker doors during manufacture are punched to provide a pattern of (usually) elliptical holes which provide for increased ventilation throughout each locker compartment. Perforated lockers tend to be used in leisure changing areas. The perforations are generally centred on the door but each locker style has a different perforation. It’s always wise to check the exact pattern of perforations. Perforated Door Lockers are normally available as two, three, four or five compartment alternatives although single, six and eight perforated compartment lockers are also available.

Perforated door lockers can normally be fitted with either key operated or hasp and staple locking mechanisms. Coin Operated locking mechanisms may be used, again it is best to check before buying. All perforated door lockers are available in standard colours. To increase the effectiveness of a perforated door locker, consider asking the manufacturer to provide a punched base and punched shelves for the interior of each locker. This method is especially effective when a heating pipe is present underneath the lockers as the hot air from the heating pipe increases the ventilation. To further the effect of forced ventilation providing an increase in air changes, a forced ventilation system can be installed. This forced ventilation system increases drying time of wet garments by upto three times.

In Brief: Perforated Door Lockers – Increased in ventilation – Leisure Facilities

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Perforated Door Lockers

Perforated Door Lockers


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