Low Lockers

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Low Lockers are designed to provide similar attributes as the standard compartment lockers, except the overall size. This height difference allows the low lockers to be used in situations where the standard compartment lockers are not. For example, primary and junior school children are smaller in height and therefore could not reach the top of a standard locker. At 1220mm high, the low lockers lend themselves to individual applications. Another application may be that the proposed locker room in question is using a combination of two and/or four compartment lockers. The low lockers are available with either one or two compartments and would compliment the two and four compartment standard size lockers. The low lockers may also be utilise beneath a window or as a counter. In this case, a laminate or vinyl worktop can be affixed to the top of the lockers to protect users against the metal surface top of the lockers.

Single compartment low lockers are fitted with a double coat hook at the top of the locker for the storage of hanging garments. Two compartment low lockers are not supplied with any internal fittings. Low lockers are available in a restricted range of sizes, are available with a range of locking mechanisms and can be supplied finished from the standard colour range.

In Brief: Low Lockers – Primary / Junior Schools – Counter Tops

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Low Lockers

Low Lockers


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